GTTP - Welcome to Passport to the World Unit 6: Travel Technologies

Proudly brought to you in conjunction with the Global Travel and Tourism Partnership (GTTP).

Students and teachers:

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What is the GTTP?

The GTTP is a multi-country educational program to introduce students to career opportunities in Travel & Tourism. To date, more than a million and a half students in twelve countries have participated in the GTTP. School systems provide teachers and classrooms; local and international companies provide financial and in-kind support. Some 2,900 local businesses share their expertise with teachers and students, with Travelport being the latest major supporter.

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What is the Goal of the Travel Technologies Unit?

Side-by-side with the GTTP, through innovation and practical application, the unit seeks to build alliances with school students (from age 15+), teachers and local education authorities. By providing a modern learning experience based on the local and global travel and tourism industry, focus is given primarily to travel technology, which plays an essential part in the travel and tourism cycle. As for employment post-education stage, the unit crucially prepares future industry professionals with learning that directly links to employment potential.